Network Management Solutions

Optimize network through Location Intelligence

Network Management Solutions

Network Operators are always in a dilemma when considering optimization and quality service to its subscribers. There is always compromise on either side in managing the other due to the fact that optimization is network centric. The major challenges arising through manually optimizing network is increased OPEX due to managing complex and dynamic environment, interdependent parameters (Voice, Data) and lack of usage based optimization.

Through a Location Intelligence Platform, the optimization becomes more Subscriber centric and usage based. This takes in a more proactive approach more than a reactive approach to enhance network optimization.



Location based Optimization

Optimization based on certain target locations where usage can be comparatively higher than other areas can be beneficial to bring down network load where all areas are equally optimized.

Monitor usage parameters

Usage parameters are not fixed for a location, it keeps changing on demand. Through a location enhanced network, management becomes more dynamic rather than placing similar static parameters for every location which improves efficiency.

Monitor usage parameters

Bandwidth demands for advanced network capabilities

Through optimized bandwidth demands, advanced capabilities like IoT could be handled on the network without increasing OPEX and setting up an optimal network configuration without affecting stability.

Analysis of Usage patterns

Location based optimization of network can be useful in identifying patterns of heavy and low network usage. These patterns can be visually highlighted through Heat maps, cluster maps to gain meaningful insights.