Crime Investigation

Accurate Location Technology for Law Enforcement

LocationGuru HawkEye solution enables Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) to track location (latitude, longitude) of persons of interest in investigation of criminal cases. LocationGuru HawkEye works along with Network Location Platform such as LocationGuru SmartGeo AECID (high accuracy location)or LocationGuru SmartGeo MLC (medium accuracy location) deployed at the Mobile Network Operator.


Movement and Interaction Pattern

HawkEye empowers LEA to locate mobile device of persons of interest in real time and also track their colocation (same place, same time) patterns. Real-time tracking, historical view of the target locations and colocation pattern enables LEA to understand when and where the persons of interest are moving individually and interacting with each other. Enabled with this information LEA can connect timeline of movements and interactions with before and after events. This empowers LEA to find critical missing links and connect the dots in investigation process.

Geofence Monitoring

HawkEye empowers LEA define virtual boundaries called Geofence and track movement of persons of interest with respect to boundaries in real time. This enables LEA to understand visit patterns of the person with respect to identified region helping in the case investigation.

Geofence alerts

Non Intrusive, Network Agnostic

HawkEye is a non-intrusive solution that works for any mobile device, on any network technology and their MVNOs, at any time and anywhere. Even in dense urban environments, indoors or outdoors, anywhere in-country or overseas. It integrates with 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G core and radio networks, using the device and SIM identifications (MSISDN, IMSI or IMEI) to provide high accuracy location data. It delivers location information whenever a device is switched on, without the knowledge or permission of the target as nothing needs to be installed on the device.