Location Insights Services

GeoPulse Location Insights Services

GeoPulse delivers valuable People Movement Analytics and Location Insights derived from mobile network data using powerful AI/ML and advanced Visualization techniques. Telecom Operators can plug these powerful analytics capabilities into their data and offer them as service to its customers.


Huge New Revenue Streams with the scale of data Telecom collects

Monetize the highly valuable consumer data with full privacy control

Use new analysis capabilities to improve own operations

Add the missing ingredient of location to your analytics recipes

Handle huge data volume with ease with GeoPulse’s Big Data capabilities


Offer convenient models to customers on subscription or pay-per-use

Location Insights


Insights about people coming to target location, their visits, timing and demographics

  • Footfall Count Analysis
  • Visit Duration Analysis
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Footfall Capture Rate

Catchment Area Analysis

Location based insights to understand compare your locations with each other, your competitors, and your customer behavior

  • Maximum distance travel to POI
  • Average distance travelled
  • Subscriber cluster by home, office, financial transaction
  • Purchasing power food, retail etc
  • Visitors vs. inhabitants

Visitations/Cutomer Journey

In depth insights about journey origin, travel mode, distance and via points of customer visiting your or competitor business location

  • Competitor's site visit count
  • Frequency & Loyalty
  • Dwell time
  • Demographics
  • Visit timings
  • Before/After/Via visit
  • New competitors
  • Returning Customers

Place Profiling

Insights covering people present at the target location covering Crowd presence by Time, Unique vs repeat visitors, Regular vs Event tied visitors, Demographic analysis

  • Presence of crowd by demographic
  • Presence of crowd by time period
  • Presence of crowd by events
  • Crowd movement
  • Places statistics attributes

People Profiling

Insights covering qualified target people group with respect to their movement and visits, covering places, visit frequency, temporal and movement pattern analysis, demographic analysis

  • Demographics
  • Segmentations
  • Locations home/office
  • Commute route
  • Area of interest
  • Visit prediction


Predictive analytics covering forecasting people, visits, movement pattern with respect a target location or an area

  • Predict footfall by day and time
  • Predict movement pattern

Solution Components

Geopulse Service Management Portal for Telcos

Service management portal for Telecom Operators to manage customer accounts and billing for Geopulse solution

  • Enterprise Customer Onboarding and lifecycle management
  • Geopulse subscription plans and billing management
  • Service Revenue management console, reports and dashboard

Geopulse Location Insights Portal

Geopulse Location Insights portal for enterprise customers to use Geopulse Service and derive insights from the telecom operator location data

  • Get insights about people mobility and target place profile
  • Derive location based insights with respect to your target use case e.g. Footfall, Tourism, Geomarketing etc.
  • Get Graphical / Map Based view of insights
  • Export Insights / Raw Data
  • Data Insights API for integration and automation
  • Manage your subscription and add on purchases





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