Law Enforcement & Security

Wireless Location Intelligence for Law Enforcement Agencies


Law enforcement organizations store crucial information in numerous databases with limited ways to access, search, and view their information in one place. Common challenges include difficulty in understanding suspect movement, confirming suspect presence and analysis of possible suspect list.

Employing the power of Location, LocationGuru’s law enforcement solution is a surveillance and forensic investigation tool for law enforcement agencies to help catch suspects/criminals and solve cases.


Real-time location and movement tracking

On demand location of suspect along with movement tracking based on different parameters i.e. Person based, Place based etc. and visualize movements on map.

Geofence Alerts

Important alerts on different events like Entry / Exit point alerts, Target meeting alerts etc. Communication is based on different mediums like SMS and Email.

Geofence alerts

Crowd analysis

Analysis of people presence in a given area at a given time and crucial reports like Audit reports and Suspect movement reports which details complete movement of the suspect.

Historical movement

Information like Last known Location History, Live and Historic activities of targets to places could essentially be useful for matching target presence around crime scene on time scale.

Location History