Enrich your network capabilities through Location based VAS


Value added services for telecom operators are an additional revenue generating source other than standard Voice, Data & SMS Services. Location based Value Added Services adds in Location as an important factor to provide better services for Subscribers through beneficiary Business Models.

Location Alerting Service

There is always a sense of safety for the question of “where” getting answered because knowing the fact that a concerned member has reached safely is important. Imagine, this use case getting answered by just a simple subscription service The location alert subscription service lets a user set alerts for entering or exiting a geofence.


SmartBuddies is a consumer application which lets you know where your family or friends. Viewing friend’s locations on map keep a track on your friend’s movement, get alerted of friend’s arrival are some features of SmartBuddies.


New Revenue Source

New revenue source

Faster go to market

Faster go to market strategy

Minimal Deployment Time

Minimal Deployment time

Increase Service Time

Increase service availability