Location Platform

Precise, Mass, Anonymized.

How can the Telco industry re-appraise its strategy through Location Platform?

New Revenue Stream

New revenue opportunities have become quite a challenge for Telecom Operators concerning traditional sources like Voice, SMS & Data services. Location enabled services are the beneficiaries for Telcos for the fact that they offer higher ROI and enable them to strategize requirements for end user customers.

Plethora of New Opportunities

A location intelligence platform not only backs up a Telecom with currently trending services and solutions but also sets up a foundation of advanced network capabilities like IoT and Big Data Analytics.

Regulatory Requirements

Mandates concerning Public Safety and Security are always a compulsion and a Telecom operator is at the peak of this requirement to fulfill compliances accordingly. Enabling a Location Intelligence Platform is always a Smart Option to adapt to these requirements and provide the network capability to provide insights and intelligence.

Overcoming the Monetization challenge

Location Platform enables telcos to not only engage with complex service management, but most importantly, to effectively monetize their business. Undoubtedly, a great deal of money can be made from every aspect of a platform, but it's also important to recognize the value of customer data that can be captured and managed in the platform. In the long run, this can prove even more valuable than the immediate monetary gain.