Target the right audience through the Right context.


SmartAds is a Location Based Advertising platform for business to send promotional messages/discounts/offers to target audience effectively at the right place and right time.

SmartAds enables mobile operators to deliver location based mobile advertising cost-effectively in a wide range of contexts, through a variety of mediums and in connection with a wide range of services.

SmartAds enables advertisers to send location-specific promotional messages/discounts/offers to target audience based on their location or proximity of a place of interest (for eg. a shop, bank or theatre).



Location-based, behavior based and interest-based targeting. Messages that resonate at the right time and right place.

Campaign Management

Create interactive campaigns. Manage and monitor your campaigns. Intuitive web interfaces to create, view, run, pause, resume & stop campaign.

Promotional messages/instant offers

Convey your marketing messages through simple text or visually appealing banners. Send instant offers to selective audiences.

Delivery Mediums

Supports a wide range of delivery mediums like SMS, WAP, USSD, Flash SMS & Mobile apps.


Accurately measure the impact of your campaigns. View how people respond to your campaigns, so you can make informed decisions about reaching them.


Precise Targeting

Precise Targeting

Increase Conversion Rate

Increase Conversion Rate

Better Return

Better Return on Investment

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