Connect to a smarter social network.


SmartBuddies helps you accurately locate your friends in real time. See your friend’s locations on map, keep a track on your friend’s movement, get alerted when your friends arrive at your hangout places and let your friends easily know when you are planning to hangout.

SmartBuddies is a great tool to quickly find your friends easily no matter if you are visiting a music festival, shopping in a mall or visiting a new country. Do not stress where your friends are, simply use the service to check if they got stuck in the jam, got lost, or just forgot about your meeting and are still watching TV at home.



Find location of your friends and family members.


Get to know when your friends and family members come or leave from a selected place.


Helps user to get location periodically of their friends and family members.


Gives you direction to reach to a friend/family member.


Distress alert, sos alert.


Need more advanced features?