Surveillance and National Security

Empower Security Agencies with the Power of Mass Location Technology

Integrated with Mobile Network Operators, LocationGuru offers mass location surveillance solution to profile places identifying visit, dwell and movement patterns of large population visiting public and sensitive places. LocationGuru SmartGeo MLS solution empowers security agencies with unique insights about potential threats and critical direction in post attack investigation.


Monitor Sensitive Places

With SmartGeo MLS solution security agencies can now monitor proximity of subscribers within the defined region to monitor area around sensitive places and target event locations. SmartGeo MLS solution uses combination of passive probe data analysis technology as well as analyzing CDR/XDR/IPDR event files for monitoring and profiling the pre-defined regions.

Who, When and How Long

SmartGeo MLS solution enables security agencies in sometimes what becomes a needle in a haystack search by quick and smart searches about who visited, when and duration of the visit. SmartGeo MLS also quickly identifies repeat visitors, and filter out known personnel to shortlist potential suspects.

Geofence alerts

Scalable Solution

SmartGeo MLS has been designed for scalability from ground up. It is scalable to handle data associated with 5G network traffic with flexible deployment options including containerization to meet the needs of modern telecom data center infrastructure.